Table of Contents

Hello! Welcome to our website. Allow us to take you on a quick tour on how to get the quote – prices of what you’d like to print.

1. Find the Product

First, click on the products tab on our menu. Feel free to browse on what you’re looking for. There’s a search bar and categories on the left side to narrow down your search. You can always use the sorting tool on the right side. Once you have found the product, please click on it.

2. Price Calculator

After you have clicked on the product, you’ll find all the information regarding the product.
Keep in mind that the prices are factored based on the apparel, number of colors in the print, and the quantity. In the “Calculate Price” box, you will need to input the number of colors on the front or back side of the garment. Uncheck the box if there isn’t any design on either side.
Once you get a quote, you can always email yourself or another person a quote.

3. The Fun Part - Design!

When you are ready to go forward, click on the “Design Now” button, which will take you to the design studio.
You'll find yourself in front of the design studio we have.
If you want to change the color of the garment, please click on the red button at the top left corner of the artboard.
You'll see the color options available. I'll go with green.
Ta-da! It's green!

4. Adding An Image to the Garment

There are three options. You can use them in any way. First, you can add texts. We have number of fonts you can choose from. Second, you can upload your own artwork. Lastly, you can use the clip arts from our library. For this one, I am going to show you how to upload a design.
I am going to upload this image. Cute right?!
You know how sometimes you have an image with a white background. When you upload an image, it’ll ask if you want to remove a background from the image you uploaded. If the image requires a background, you may select "no change". The image I uploaded just happened to have a transparent background, so no change is needed for this one.
The next step you'll be asked to identify the number of colors in the design. In this case, the number is 6. You can see how colors are counted. For screen printing method, we can only print up to 8 colors. If your design has more colors, it's recommended to use DTG printing method instead.
Once you've identified the number of colors, you will need to select the colors we have in stock to match to the design as close as possible. If you wish to use the colors that are not available in there, please leave a note requesting for a color match to the design. You will see the space to leave a note in a bit.
Now your design is uploaded and yes it's oversize. Keep scrolling for more.

5. Modifying the Design

Use the white square in the corner to to scale down to your preferred size. You may also use the dimension tool on the right side to scale as well. You can rotate or move the image anywhere you like.

6. Wrapping Up

When you're ready, go ahead and click "Buy Now".
A prompt will appear for your approval before finalizing your order.
You will be asked if you want to leave a note. If none, you may leave it blank and click "continue".
Then you can fill in the quantity you wish to place an order. If it's simple - one color, one style, you may proceed with "add to cart". If you want to add another style or colors, click on "mix/add styles/colors".
You'll be able to browse through to select another style. You may pick the same style you already have in another color.
Once you have selected a style, you'll fill in the quantity.
You can add another color of a particular style. When complete, you may click "Add to Cart".

7. Checking Out

You'll find details and items in the order. Then you may proceed checking out and make your payment.
If you find yourself in a situation where you want to clear or delete, there will be a message asking if you want to remove the items. Simply click "Click Here".

We hope you’ll be able to navigate through as smooth as possible. If you ever find yourself having some difficulty, you may leave a comment below, chat with us using the “Chat with us” button to the right, or contact us here.