Dropshipping for Small Business and Artists:

This is how it works. We set up a store. We give you the HTML code, which you will embed it to your website. The store is all set-up. Your customer can order off your site, we get the order, print/embroidered the apparel, and ship directly to your customer. No need to stock up. (Plus it’s an eco-friendly approach!) Save you the overhead cost and headache.  We report to you quarterly and you will be paid.

Print on Demand and Fulfillment for Businesses:

Similar set up as above. If you have multiple locations and in need to send uniforms or apparel to these locations, we can set up a purchasing platform for internal uses. Your associate can order directly on your own website (we will provide the HTML code). We will happily take care of it and ship to wherever it needs to be.

If you have online merchandise and need to fulfill these orders, we will be happy to help you with this as well.

If you like to set-up one today, or if you have an idea of how we can help you, contact us today.